The Show

The concept behind The Bitter End Podcast is to tell the stories of brewers and other members of the beer community. We’re passionate about beer and want to chat with people who are at the top of their game in this field. We also like to have a few beers as we do this – it allows us to relax and helps the conversation flow! 

We usually do the interview at a bar or pub chosen by our guest.

Episode 13 Adam Sparks from Sparks Brewing

Episode 12 Luke Nicholas from Epic Brewing Company

Episode 11 Bruce Turner from Urbanaut Brewing Co

Episode 10 Scott & Hamish from Deep Creek Brewery

Episode 9 Jules van Costello author Brewed (2nd Edition)

Episode 8 Steve Simms from The Birkenhead Brewing Company

Episode 7 Annika Naschitzki from Tiamana

Episode 6 Simon Nicholas from Hop Federation

Episode 5 Ron Trigg from Mike's Organic Brewery

Episode 4 Andrew Childs from Behemoth Brewing

Episode 3 Carlos & Mark from Outlier Cartel

Episode 2 Kerry Gray from Choice Bros

Episode 1 Shige O Takagi, Funk Estate

Episode 0 Dave & Darren introduce The Bitter End